Luxury Foam Cushion


Our luxury foam is made up of a high density foam to give you durability, along with an extra-soft foam doming pad to give you the luxurious look and feel you would find in the higher end suites; it’s hassle free and long lasting. This really is our most opulent cushion! This option will add extra thickness to your cushion overall as the dome will give that extra-curvy pillow effect.

Foam seat and back cushions can be wrapped using a Dacron fibre layer over the foam which will help soften the foam look and feel. We always wrap the top, front border, and bottom of the cushion. This will add a little more thickness but also a layer of luxury to the cushion!

Back or Seat?

We need the measurements of the cushion cover that you are looking to fill. Turn your cushion cover inside out and then measure the dimensions as shown in the diagrams below. It is extremely important that we get these measurements correctly and accurately as we will use them to produce your order. Once we have the sizes from you, we will be able to make the cushion filling. We will very slightly oversize the cushion filling to make sure that you get the full and plump fill your cushion covers will need. Our fillings will never be smaller than the empty cushion cover measurements you give you us.

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