Custom Fibre Cushions

Should you require custom fibre cushions for your property, you’ve come to the right place. The Cushion Guys provide a selection of custom fibre cushions to our customers across the area. When it comes to fibre cushions, we only offer them to the highest standards and will make sure that our customers expectations aren’t just met, but we’ve exceeded them. If you have any questions or require any further information, please contact our team today.

 Made to Measure Fibre Cushions & Replacement Cushions

The Cushion Guys specialise in custom fibre cushions, we ensure that our products only use the best quality materials and fillings to guarantee that you receive a luxury cushion. We aim to go above and beyond for each and everyone of our customers. Through choosing The Cushion Guys, we’ll create your made to measure fibre cushions to the best quality. All of the bespoke fibre cushions that we offer are manufactured to only the highest standards, when it comes to our customers, their requirements are our main priority.

Bespoke Fibre Cushions

Our professional team here at The Cushion Guys have years of experience in creating custom fibre cushions. Our skills and knowledge means we’ve produced hundreds of fibre cushions for our customers over the years. From cushion inners, fibre cushion pads or inserts, when you choose The Cushion Guys we can meet your each and every requirement.  All of the cushions we provide are available in a range of shapes and sizes, different cover styles or template sizes, we’ll also ensure that we fill your cushion to the standard you require, whether it’s firm, medium, loose or filled.

Quality Made to Measure Fibre Cushions

Whether you’re looking for replacement inners for a 3 piece suite, a full set of replacement cushions, or you require a bespoke bench cushion, then The Cushion Guys have you covered. All of our unique designs and productions are provided by a dedicated and professional member of our craft team, we’ll also make sure that your bespoke ideas are turned into reality. When it comes to our bespoke fibre cushions, we provide a range including…

  • Personalised Pillows and Cushions
  • Made to Measure Bench Cushions
  • Bespoke Bed Scatter Cushions
  • Replacement Cushions
  • Bespoke Scatter Cushions and Covers
  • Custom Sofa Cushions

If you’re looking for another type of fibre cushion, contact our team today for more information and should you have any questions you would like us to answer. We also offer a How to Measure Guide to help with your order.

Garden Cushions

Your Number One Choice for Fibre Cushions

For fibre cushions, at The Cushion Guys we provide only the best quality fibre for our products, so rest assured that you’ll receive a cushion of the best quality. Our fibre cushions are ideally suited to seating. The cushions give the best sit by combining a mixture of fillings to make best use of their natural characteristics. This range also enables ease of maintenance as there is a minimal need for plumping.

Our fibre option is also an ideal alternative to feather allergy sufferers.

For Custom Fibre Cushions, call The Cushion Guys today

For quality custom fibre cushions, look no further than The Cushion Guys. We provide a selection of custom cushion products to our customers. Should you be unsure of your requirements, please call our team today, we’ll be more than happy to help. We also provide a calculator, so you can calculate the cost of your bespoke cushion.

We also provide Feather and Foam custom cushions.

Fibre Cushion Suppliers

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Fibre filled cushions are man cushions and made from polyester hollow strands that are pumped full of air. These hollow strands full of air are blown into a cushion casing to give them a plump appearance. The fibres will compress with pressure and provide a much softer sit than a foam cushion.

Fibre cushions are very soft and cosy, like cotton wool the fibre inside is easy to compress and can become matted, but if you care and maintain the fibre cushions properly, this won’t be an issue for you. Fibre is also a popular choice for back cushions, scatter cushions and arm fillings, this is due to it being a versatile material and it’s also more cost effective over feather and down. Overall fibre creates very soft cushions, that are fluffy and lightweight, they can also maintain body temperature.

Over time with normal use, the fibre may flatten and your cushions may start to look less plump, and overall looser. As long as you regularly turn, rotate and plump your cushions, then the fibre cushions will maintain their original appearance. If you sit in the same spot, make sure that you take the time to shake out or beat the air back into your cushions when you’re finished, this will keep them comfortable and looking their best.

Yes, fibre is a man made material, it includes hollow strands that allow air to pass through and trap it within the strand producing it, this fibre will create a plumb cushion with a medium to firm feel, fibre is an anti-allergy filling that is similar density and cost to feather cushions, this makes it a good alternative for those who are suffering from allergies. 

Fibre cushions are suitable for a range of items including sofas and all suits, scatter and bolster cushions, as well as great use for soft toys, pillows, cushions and pet beds. They are fully washable and as well as indoor, they also be used outdoors, as they inhibit mould growth. 

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