Custom Feather Cushions

Should you require made to measure feather cushions for your home, you’ve come to the right place. At The Cushion Guys we provide a selection of custom feather cushions to clients across the area. When it comes to feather cushions, we only provide the highest quality, ensuring that our customers are satisfied with a value for money product. Should you have any questions or require any information, please contact our team today.

Replacement & Made to Measure Feather Cushions

At The Cushion Guys, when it comes to custom feather cushions, we have you covered. We use only the best grade materials and natural fillings, this is to ensure our customers expectations are met on every level. When you choose our team to create your made to measure feather cushion, trust that you’ll not find a better cushion anywhere else. All of the bespoke feather cushions we produce are created to only the highest standards, when it comes to our clients our aim is to make sure that all of their requirements have been met.

Bespoke Feather Cushions

The team at The Cushion Guys have a wealth of experience when it comes to custom feather cushions, over the years we’ve produced hundreds of feather cushions to our customers. Whether it’s feather cushion inners, feather cushion pads or feather cushion inserts, at The Cushion Guys the possibilities of feather filled cushions is endless. We can create cushions to any shape or size, whether its from covers, templates or measure, we’ll also fill your cushions to the standard you require, whether it’s firm, medium density, loosely (squashy) filled, or another density.

The Cushion Guys – Made to Measure Feather Cushions

From replacement inners for suite cushions to a full replacement cushion or a made to measure bespoke bench cushion, when you choose The Cushion Guys, trust that you’re in the right hands. All designs and production will be done by a dedicated and professional member of our craft team who will ensure that your bespoke ideas come to life. When it comes to our bespoke feather cushions, we cover a selection of types including…

  • Made to Measure Bench Cushions
  • Bespoke Scatter Cushions and Covers
  • Personalised Pillows and Cushions
  • Replacement Cushions
  • Custom Sofa Cushions
  • Bespoke Bed Scatter Cushions

Should you require another type of feather cushion, feel free to contact our team for more information. We also have a How to Measure Guide to assist with your order.

Quality Feather Cushions

When it comes to our feather cushions, we source only the best quality feathers for our products, so you can trust that you’ll receive cushions of the best quality. We also use duck feathers, known for their strength due to the natural curled stem. We find that duck feathers are popular as they’re great for plumping.


For Custom Feather Cushions, The Cushion Guys have you covered

For quality custom feather cushions, look no further than The Cushion Guys. We provide a selection of custom cushion products to our customers. Should you be unsure of your requirements, please call our team today, we’ll be more than happy to help. We also provide a calculator, so you can calculate the cost of your bespoke cushion.

 We also provide Foam and Fibre custom cushions.


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Feather cushions are made from a material that is taken from the back of the animal and the wings. Each feather has a quill, so over time, thin cushions can allow the quills to poke through, you can minimise the poking by using a protector or a thick cushion or pillow case. Feather filled cushions tend to be softer however they have a slim profile so can flatten over time as the quills line up.

Feather cushions are a great way to add luxury to your pillows or cushions as well as scatter cushions in your lounge. Feathers add a high quality firmness to a cushion, this will provide comfort and a great deal of support. Feather cushions and pillows are also natural so they can be re-plumped with a simple shake. 

Yes, we recommend submerging washable feather pillows and cushions in cool water with mild soap, then swish them around to help loosen the dirt and stains that may have penetrated the upholstery covers. We then advise to clean the cushions in a washing machine in a cold and gentle setting if you use a washing machine.

While it has been said that feathers can become more allergenic with age as they become slowly contaminated, some recommend that feather pillows and cushions are replaced every six months. With this becoming said depending on the combination of the feathers in a cushion or pillow, they can last for up to seven years or more.

Down is the insulator that is underneath the feather of a duck or goose, goose down tends to be larger and fluffier than duck, so this is the preferred choice. Larger down clusters will provide more loft as well as lasting longer, they are also highly durable. 

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