Refreshing Your Commercial Property

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It’s essential that you give your commercial property a makeover once in a while, as a business owner, it’s your responsibility to make sure that your space is updated and decorated. This will give off a positive and welcoming vibe, encouraging staff, customers and clients to engage with your business. It doesn’t have to be a full remodel of your premises, something as simple as a bunch of flowers on the reception desk or adding plants in the entrance hall will make a big difference and positively impact your commercial space as a whole.

From impressing clients to increasing employee productivity, market longevity and branding awareness, whether you’re a restaurant, a shop or an office, there are so many reasons why you should take the time to refresh your commercial building.

We take a look at some of the latest commercial interior trends and ways to refresh your commercial space.


Pops of colour

From a feature wall to one-off pieces of furniture and decor, minimalist tones have taken a backseat and it’s all about bright colours. Colour is becoming more desirable within the workplace and it offers an inspiring and creative vibrancy to workers, it can also be a way of bringing a commercial interior inline with the business’s branding. Coloured metals and timber frames are a growing trend this year and furniture suppliers can powder coat their furniture to create matching pieces to maybe go with a feature wall, or sit alone making a statement. There’s no need to go overboard when it comes to introducing the same colour into your space, pops of colour can be used alongside neutral colour schemes, balancing out. If you can’t commit to a full feature wall or commission a piece of furniture, you could also try a simple wall decal or banner, something with your branding message or an inspirational quote can have the same effect. 


Create Comfort

Comfort is important within a commercial space, your employees will require a level of comfort that allows them to work in ease and productivity. Comfort will allow collaboration and resimerical design combines both residential and commercial design to bring both elements into the workplace. The design focuses on bringing an environment that allows colleagues to work and customers to feel comfortable. 

Ergonomic furniture is key and there’s a number of ways that it can be incorporated into your workplace. A simple sofa in a corner is a great place to take some time out and can also make for an interesting decoration piece. Depending on your style and requirements you could commission a piece of furniture that fits in with your branding, you could also add a range of custom cushions to the couch, maybe add the logo on to them too. 


Mix and Match

Mix and match is all about embracing different elements this includes juxtaposed furniture, also known as ‘old meets new’. These looks include mixing glass with metal or antique finishes with new-world furniture. Boho is another interior statement that is back, use strong, bright colours and different textures to define your space and create a whimsical environment for your colleagues, customers and clients. Furniture accents have also been prevalent and include using a base colour such as white or grey in your design, create a dynamic look with bright jewel-toned colours. 


Green Spaces

Elements of green space aren’t just common in commercial environments anymore, they’re a staple in 2019 designs continue to embrace ‘bringing the outdoors indoors’. Adding plants to your interior is such a simple thing to do, but can be very effective, whether it’s a succulent on your desk or a leafy plant on a bookshelf. You can also add fake plants which will have a great impact and are low maintenance. Natural daylight is worth considering, employees in offices tend to depend on artificial light which makes them feel more tired, if your office has no access to natural daylight, an artificial sun lamp can have a similar effect. Green walls are a great idea too, turn your wall into a living green wall or a vertical garden, not only will they add green space to your office, they’ll also improve air quality and acoustics. 

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