Quallofil cushions have a luxury fibre filling for top quality seating comfort. The award winning Quallofil Fusion has a FIRA Gold certification which is a recognised mark of product excellence within the furniture industry, ensuring a soft air with leading support.

Back or Seat?

We need the measurements of the cushion cover that you are looking to fill. Turn your cushion cover inside out and then measure the dimensions as shown in the diagrams below. It is extremely important that we get these measurements correctly and accurately as we will use them to produce your order. Once we have the sizes from you, we will be able to make the cushion filling. We will very slightly oversize the cushion filling to make sure that you get the full and plump fill your cushion covers will need. Our fillings will never be smaller than the empty cushion cover measurements you give you us.

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Quallofil Cushions

Quallofil are soft, comfortable and long lasting fibre cushions, they’re also known for their quality and durability. These cushions are popular with furniture designers and consumers love the softness and comfort from the fibre. As the latest innovation in fibre cushions, these are fast becoming a popular choice when it comes to soft furnishings.

It’s a blend of two high tech fibres in the cushion and resists flattening and collapsing, many of the UK’s largest furniture retailers have switched to new Quallofil and received great feedback regarding the soft look and feel.

This luxury fibre filling is great for exceptional seating comfort, having been awarded a number of prestigious awards, this fibre cushioning is seen as a product of excellence within the furniture industry.

These certified fibre products have been assessed and audited by industry experts who state they’re fit for purpose and exceed the necessary and latest standards. This also means that they provide reassurance to customers regarding the quality of the products which is guaranteed through stringent tests and standards.

Quallofil cushions provide the perfect combination of good support and a cosy down-like feel, the material also gives a warm touch and soothing feel, Quallofil is ideal for sleepers who crave proper support.


Why choose Quallofil cushions?

High tech fibre blend – Fusion of 2 advanced fibres for superior resilience and long lasting performance.

Extra support – Fibres spring back to their original shape, time after time and retain resilience.

Quality – Due to its excellent product features, Quallofil combines the comfort of fibrefill with durability of foam.


Buy Quallofil cushions online today!

For quality Quallofil cushions, look no further than The Cushion Guys, we offer a selection of Quallofil products to our customers across the UK. Should you be unsure of your requirements, please call our team today, we’ll be more than happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions About Quallofil Cushions

What is Quallofil?
Quallofil cushions are designed for the ultimate comfort and luxury, engineered through a revolutionary blend of 2 high tec fibres, designed to resist flattening and collapsing. Quallofil cushions are the ideal cushions if you are looking to purchase cushions that offer maximum comfort. Designed to withstand the long run, you can trust that they offer excellent value for money.

How much do Quallofil cushions cost?
Here at The Cushions Guys, we endeavour to keep our prices competitive, ensuring that all of our customers receive value for money products. However, the cost of Quallofil cushions will vary depending on the size of the cushion you wish to order. You can easily use our online pricing calculator to find out exactly how much the Quallofil cushions you require will cost.

How do I order Quallofil cushions?
Ordering Quallofil cushions from The Cushion Guys is easy, simply use our online ordering tool to input your measurements and order the cushion size you require. If you have any questions about Quallofil cushions or would like to speak to a member of our team, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, we will be more than happy to help.

Why should I buy Quallofil cushions from The Cushion Guys?
We have provided cushions to customers throughout the UK for a number of years now and have an excellent reputation for quality cushions we provide. We don’t stop there though, we ensure that all of our customers receive excellent service, high quality products, and fast delivery rates. When you are looking for made to measure Quallofil cushions, there is no reason for you to look elsewhere.

What size cushions do you offer?
Here at The Cushions Guys all of the Quallofil seat cushions we supply to customers throughout the UK are completely bespoke and made to measure. Whether you are looking for a back cushion, side cushion or seat cushion you can rest assured that we have all of your needs covered. Buy online or get in touch with a member of our team today for more information.


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